Pirate Parties

A swashbuckling Pirate Adventure awaits your little buccaneers with Fairy Tale Fantasies perfect Pirate Buccaneer Bash Dress-Up Theme Party.

Our cute pirate costumes, face painting, swashbuckling games and tried and true pirate activities guarantee your party will be worth it’s weight in GOLD!!!

There’ll be plenty of pillage and plunder for all! Aaarrrggh!!!

Our adventure begins as your pirate and his crewmates arrive and begin dressing up in our pirate vests and hats. (girls have girly vests). Each pirate will also be given a pirate name. Then we are off and set sail with Jolly Roger in hand and begin our Pirate Parade in which we can scare off would be foes with our pirate growls……agrrr…..

As we are all wanted pirates with hefty bounty’s on our heads we must take our Pirate line up photo’s. However, we always escape capture….no pirate wants to be thrown into the brig!

After all this work, a pirate needs his grog and grub. No manners are needed at our pirate feast…after all pirates don’t have any!

Pirates also have to be good with their hands. We’ll be mak’in little treasure boxes to be keepin our pirate booty that we earn along the way while we are playing some swashbuckling Games.

Then your pirate and his crewmates will be searchin for treasure as they read our pirate map and look for clues that will bring them to our chest of gold!

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